Superior Sand Quality


As hydraulic fracturing technology has improved, the value of high quality sand downhole has become paramount to maximizing the ROI of your well. The Jordan Sands Quality Advantage provides you with the best northern white sand from the Cambrian Age sand deposit know as Jordan Sandstone.

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When 70% of the landed cost of your sand is in transportation and when having too much or not enough sand can drain your bottom line, finding a supplier that understands and manages the complexities of logistics is critical to your firm’s success. World class logistics coupled with high quality sand give you unparalleled performance.

The Jordan Sands Logistics Advantage

  • Direct access to the Union Pacific Railroad, serving the fastest growing shale plays in North America
  • Rail loadout located right next to the Union Pacific Railroad marshalling yard, providing maximum flexibility
  • Experienced logistics team
  • Partnerships with industry leading logistics firms

Jordan Sands Delivery Locations

South Texas:
San Antonio, TX
Gardendale, TX
Cotulla, TX
West Texas:
Big Spring, TX
Pecos, TX
Odessa, TX
Oklahoma & Kansas:
El Reno, OK
Enid, OK
Liberal, KS
Colorado & Wyoming:
Greeley, CO
Lucerne, CO
Eaton, CO
Cheyenne, WY



As part of the Coughlan Companies, Jordan Sands continues a rich legacy of giving back to the community. Jordan Sands operates with the spirit of giving and reinvesting in the Greater Mankato area and beyond. As a testament to our commitment to our community, Coughlan Companies donates between 5% and 9% of pre-tax earnings to the community every year.

Community Partners



Our values at Jordan Sands are built on sustainability. Because our products are natural resources, we believe that we must be stewards of the environment. We must go above what others expect and use the most current technologies and processes to conserve energy and to preserve water, air and land quality.

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We have taken great care to design a facility that minimizes the use of water, and recycles 80% of the water in our cleaning process.

Air Quality

We are committed to being a good neighbor, and that means monitoring the dust that is a natural component of mining. We use state of the art equipment on our property to monitor airborne particulates. We will use the most advanced dust mitigation equipment to capture any dust that might escape during loading into trucks.


After mining is complete, we will work with local officials to restore the land. This may include a recreational area, a biking path or any way the community considers appropriate as part of land reclamation.

Carbon Footprint and Energy

We work with local officials to reduce our overall emissions in order to have a smaller carbon footprint. The most current and updated technologies will be used in the everyday operations of our plant. Energy-efficient lighting, recycling and other efficiencies will make our new plant a state-of-the-art facility. We will continue to integrate efficiencies with as small a carbon footprint as possible.


Coughlan Companies has been in business in Mankato, MN for more than 125 years. Our goal is to enhance the quality of life where we operate and we do that by supporting Mankato businesses, investing and volunteering in our communities, and by serving as a leading employer in the area.
As a leading employer in our community, we invest in our employees, their children and the future of the community. That means good-paying jobs, a safe and healthy workplace and the opportunity for both personal and business growth.

125 Year Tradition


In 1885, T. R. Coughlan first began quarrying the Oneota Dolomite Formation in the Mankato area. Since then, the Coughlan family has continued to promote the region’s rich mining heritage adjacent to the Minnesota River Valley.

Jordan Sands was formed in 2011 to responsibly develop the Jordan Sandstone resource underlying the Coughlan Companies’ land holdings, for emerging opportunities in the oil & gas fracturing (frac) sand market. The favorable existing land position is comprised of both surface and mineral rights.


Jordan Sands LLC, is an industrial sand mining and processing operation and an affiliate of Coughlan Companies, Inc., Mankato, MN, whose primary business includes a children’s book publishing company Capstone.





Lab Work


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Logistics Coordinator

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