Jordan Sands to Resume Operations in the Jefferson Quarry

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Mankato, Minn. – June 20th 2017 – After voluntarily and temporarily suspending blasting operations at both the Jefferson Quarry and the Stoffel Quarry following a geologic event on April 25, 2017, Jordan Sands will resume full mining and blasting operations in the Jefferson Quarry. Blasting resumed at the Stoffel Quarry on May 18th, 2017.

Additionally, Jordan Sands is entering into a new Operating Agreement with the City of Mankato and submitted a Mining and Blasting Plan, which will incorporate adjustments to its practices so as to address concerns raised by community members including completion of all mining activities after the 2017 mining season, a phase into full operations with an engineered mining and blasting plan, as well as a wheel wash for all vehicles exiting the quarry.

After completion of mining operations in the Jefferson Quarry this year, the quarry site will then be evaluated for repurposing and redevelopment.

After the event in April, Jordan Sands assembled a team of independent scientific consultants including licensed professional engineers, geologists, meteorologists and seismologists. This team has concluded that data did not indicate that Jordan Sands’ blasting operations caused the geologic event.

In addition, the State of Minnesota and the City of Mankato also conducted an independent investigation of the blasting operations and the geologic event.

Based on their independent review, both the State and the City have concluded that, after submission of an executed Operating Agreement and approved Mining and Blasting Plan, Jordan Sands may resume blasting at the Jefferson Quarry.

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On June 21, 2017

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